Carmela’s coaching style is truly genuine and unique. She has coached me regarding personal relationships. Her coaching has helped me understand that I deserve “the whole package” and now I am seeking that man that will treat me like a “queen”. I can’t thank you enough for all the excellent coaching, insightful listening skills, and the wisdom you have. Thank you Carmela. ......T.G. in Illinois   


Having had Carmela as a life coach changed my life. I had been at a standstill in my life for many years. Negativity, limited beliefs and ambiguity overruled my thinking and affected almost every area of my life. Carmela taught me how to replace such thinking with far reaching, "sky's the limit" optimism. She taught me how to not give my power away to negative, limited beliefs and also to those of other people. In addition, she taught me how to clearly identify my needs and boundaries and to express those to others. This has not only helped me to live a more fulfilled, productive life but it has also improved the quality of my relationships. Having had Carmela as a life coach has empowered me immensely to live a life that is no longer ambiguous but clear, focused, balanced and happier  ...........  M. L.   


Carmela is hands down, the best problem solver and solution provider in the coaching market! If you need that one person who will help you when you are stuck; she is unequivocally qualified to do so. As a Certified personal life and business coach, Carmela has helped me in many ways. As a divorced dad with two children, she has guided me through the emotional stages of parental alienation and reestablishing my relationship with my children. As a business owner and a mentor, she has assisted me in distinguising a hobbyist from a realist and helped me by channeling my energy and redirecting my focus on what can be done rather than wasting time trying to fix what is not being done. I wholeheartedly recommend Carmela  Schiano for all of your personal and professional coaching needs...............J.A.


Carmela is a fountain of information and she is the most knowledgeable person I know. With everything that we struggle with in life, Carmela has an answer and a solution. Besides from being a great leader and coach, she is also an amazing human being that works tirelessly without ever questioning you or putting others down. First, she asks how high you are aiming to go,  then she truly tries her best to help guide you and help you achieve where you hope to be.

I am happy to have Carmela as my professional life coach, as she has been a great inspiration in my life and she has helped me in more ways than I can count. Thank you, Carmela, for being such a great inspiration in  my life. Because of you, I was able to overcome many setbacks in my life.